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2 days ago

Self care Sundays💆🏼‍♀️ Have you tried acupuncture? I’ve been getting the GLOW facial acupuncture at @wthn Flatiron - it reduces wrinkles, calms inflammation, boosts collagen & relaxes your facial muscles, & I add the LED light therapy for extra facial rejuvenation & y’all...I’m obsessed.🙌🏼 It’s beyond relaxing & therapeutic. I come out of there feeling so fresh. They have a lot of other preventative & healing treatments on the menu that target ailments like stress & anxiety, soreness, chronic pain, fatigue, & insomnia, as well as treatments geared towards immune system support, digestion, & women’s health. The tables are heated & they provide noise canceling headphones with sound therapy. Talk about deep relaxation. After your session, have some tea & check out all their wellness products!🌿✨

2 weeks ago

Serra Fiorita on the rooftop at @eatalyflatiron is in full bloom🌸 Such a delightful spot for an afternoon spritz with your girls on a sunny day. All their cocktails are delicious - my friend @weiss_world & I shared a pitcher of the “Flatiron Fizz” with blood orange & gin before her flight to Italy (a proper Italian sendoff! ) & it was so yummy & refreshing. “Serra” means “greenhouse” in Italian & the decor theme changes every season, along with the menu that reflects the rustic Italian countryside. If you’re doing some shopping at Eataly today, pop upstairs treat yoself😎🌷🍊🍾

2 hours ago

My little mermaid, Kaya. She’s an akita/husky mix, so you’d think she’d prefer snow over sand, but the beach is her happy place, just like mama.💕🌊🐕 #mylagunabeach

2 weeks ago

Where I’m happiest.⛱ I live to travel & as much as I love exploring an exciting city, wandering through the mountains, or escaping to the desert, I always find my way back to the beach. There’s something about having sand beneath me, sunshine above me, & waves to play in that brings me a different kind of joy than anything else can.🌊🐚 Where’s your happy place? #theclassiccoast

3 weeks ago

Quality friendships & healthy relationships are just as important for your overall well being as exercising & eating right. You can get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, choose organic, & still suffer from digestion problems, even skin irritation & hair loss if you’re dealing with stress caused by toxic people in your life. So go ahead & meditate, journal everyday, practice all the stress relieving habits. But that stress isn’t going anywhere if you’re participating in unhealthy relationships. Been thinking about this after hearing some wise words from @danatrixieflynn 🙌🏼 It’s something we all need to consider. We may not recognize when we aren’t setting boundaries, are excusing mistreatment, or are giving more than we’re getting back from our relationships. Sometimes all that needs to happen is some honest communication for things to change, but other times it’s necessary to remove yourself from the negativity. It’s not always easy, but I think we owe it to ourselves to raise our standards, don’t you?💗 #thursdaythoughts

4 weeks ago

Soaring into Monday like 🧚🏼‍♀️...what’s your favorite workout that’s so fun it doesn’t feel like a workout? Mine is aerial yoga, whether on silks (hammock ) or Lyra (hoop ). If you’ve never tried aerial, you should! It’s a fun & challenging way to start off the day. Strengthens muscles all over, stretches out the kinks, & improves flexibility. If you take a class with a good moving flow, your heart will get pumping & you’ll be sweating before you even realize it. (Thank you, @askroeaboutlife ! 😘 ) It requires a lot of focus & concentration too, so it’s a good way to clear your mind before prioritizing your goals & tasks for the week. And believe me, you’ll feel the burn the next day.💪🏼🔥🧘🏼‍♂️

4 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

Bom Dia Lagos⛵️🌼⚓️🇵🇹 Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!😎

4 weeks ago

Such an inspiring night with these beautiful women discussing #MentalHealthAwareness , self-care, & the many different tools we can all utilize to achieve optimal health - mentally & physically as a whole. I’m so proud of you ladies! Thank you for sharing your own personal struggles & victories to help others. We can all benefit from guidance & connection & I personally got a lot out of the discussion. I recommend everyone attend the next one! It’s so important to nurture your mind, body & soul; one can’t thrive if the other is neglected.💖

4 weeks ago

Happiest of birthdays to this sweet, talented, clever, adorable pretty bird💖 Love you, Lily!😘

5 weeks ago

Such a nice day today! Sun is shining & this almond milk latte with one of @_mamannyc_’s decadent cookies is hitting the spot. Cookie not pictured because I already finished it.😬 Hope everyone is having as good of a morning as I am!🌸☕️🍪☀️

5 weeks ago

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend & doing something fun!😎 If you’re looking for a little glamping with your girls or a romantic getaway in the desert, I recommend @lazy_sky_retreat Waking up to a beautiful view of the sunrise from bed inside our yurt, showering outside in the sunshine, drinking wine by the fire at night...so dreamy & relaxing.🌖✨🌵

last month

The best kind of friend is one that encourages you to explore & is always up for a good adventure. Even when things don’t go as planned, a good travel buddy won’t just be down for a spontaneous plan B, they’ll also bring the bubbles🍾 & laugh the whole way through with you.😄 @wayfaringypsy & I have had our fair share of hiccups while traveling, from me locking us out of our car in the middle of a no cell service area in Big Sur🤦🏼‍♀️ to being slightly ill-prepared for the hypothermia inducing temps while camping in Telluride, to somebodyyy (🙋🏼‍♀️ ) staying up a bit too late enjoying one too many cocktails with some nice Polish gentlemen we met the night before this pic was taken.😂 If it weren’t for @wayfaringypsy dragging me out of bed to make the train to Lagos, cheetos & mimosa in hand because she knows that’s my hangover cure, I would have missed out on this beautiful place. Now THAT would have sucked. Next stop, Mexico City!😘🇲🇽

last month

Today is World Meditation Day. When I first tried meditation, I didn’t really get it. It made me uncomfortable & frustrated because my mind has difficulty slowing down & focusing on one thing at a time. (Precisely why I need meditation! ) It’s still challenging for me at times, but I practice because I’ve truly felt its many benefits. It reduces stress & anxiety, increases my mental clarity & overall level of calmness, makes me more patient, helps me make better choices, & helps me to attain inner harmony. Mindfulness, being aware of our own thoughts, takes discipline. Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, instead of focusing on & appreciating the present moment, fuels stress. Stress is a killer & daily life can throw lots of it at us. How we manage it can determine our physical & mental health, as well as our overall level of happiness, both within ourselves & in our relationships. Meditating helps us connect better, increases focus, & helps us to make sense of our pain. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend you try today, even for just 5 minutes. Click the link in my bio to read more & get some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your meditation.🧘🏼‍♀️💗🙏🏼 #worldmeditationday

last month

Felt like summer yesterday & had a great day by the water in Norwalk. Made me realize I need to spend more time exploring this coast. I’m always in the city or traveling, so when I’m home, I spend all my time in our backyard😂 which is lovely - one of my favorite places in the world to be surrounded by the peace & tranquility of nature, but there are so many charming little towns along the coast of New England that are full of beauty, music, art, & of course some of the best shellfish in the world!🦞🐚🦀🍤 So, any recommendations are welcome as I embark on some roadtrips. What are your favorite places in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Boston, New Hampshire, Maine? I may even make it to Nova Scotia😏 I’ll definitely be paying you a visit @sarahfit 😘 maybe we can go to Cape Cod again!⛵️💙

last month

Happy Saturday!⛵️ who else loves spending the day at @barbocce in Sausalito?💙

last month

Friday mood! Love you @peachdasneak !😘 #tapbacksandhairflips

last month

I ♥️ @mineralfusion ’s sheer moisture lip tints.💄 Natural, cruelty free, & rich in moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin e, olive, cocoa seed butter, & jojoba. They stay on all day & don’t seep into the lines of your skin like some lip glosses do - not a good look. I just stocked up at @wholefoods because they’re 20% off (extra 10% off for @amazon prime members ). I also love their sparkle bronzer, all their blushes, & their eyeshadow trios if you’re looking to try some good quality natural beauty products!💋

last month

Good morning, SF 🖤🌁 Love this @batrayz mural outside @outerlands in Ocean Beach. Always makes me think of a psychedelic sea urchin. Outerlands is delicious & just as pretty on the inside, so go there if you haven’t been. But this was on a stroll walking off breakfast after toasts & donuts at @troublecoffeeco 🍞☕️🍩 All those thick, buttery toasts are so yummy. Between the cinnamon toast, the peanut butter & honey, the jam, & the avocado, it’s hard to choose which is why @wayfaringypsy & I always go halvesies.😋 Which is your favorite? 🎶: @glue70 “til you say”

last month

A bit of a latergram, but so lovely to be back with these beauties (+ @nataliedickens & @sicilyirene ) for brunch & lots of laughs! So happy to finally meet Waylon Blue; he melts all the hearts💘 Also, what a great brunch spot @cafemaisondanapoint is...those kumquat sorbet mimosas & savory tartines hit the spot! Such nice people there too.🌿🍊

2 hours ago

Happy Cinco de Mayo! As you know, I’m a margarita aficionado & the Silver Surfer marg at @deckonlaguna is one of the best.🍹 Tequila, ginger, cilantro, & agave. I get it light on the agave + they’re nice enough to add jalapeño for me because I like my margs on the tart & spicy side.🌶 The Deck is one of my favorite places in Laguna, not just for drinks & this perfect view, but the food is also delish. My favorites are their tacos with shrimp & chorizo, grilled mahi mahi sandwich, & pulled pork quesadillas. You also can’t go wrong with their guac & oysters. Not gonna lie, The Deck was my first stop straight from the airport when I arrived back in CA. If you can get a seat, it’s a great place to do a little cinco celebrating & then you only have a few steps to walk to digest on the beach🏖😎 #mylagunabeach

last month

In my element🌴☀️ (cruising around while placing an order for fish tacos )🌮🌮

2 hours ago

Back in my old hood & it feels reeeeal good.😎🌊🌺🤙🏼 #mylagunabeach

April 2019

xoxo, Chuck Bass💋🏙🗽 You can actually get Gossip Girl themed cocktails at both of @theempirehotel ’s bars. You should try one & skip the jalapeño marg - not one of my favorites in the city. Or just stick to good old fashioned bubbles while you sit in the sunshine overlooking Lincoln Center.🥂

April 2019

Sunday worship🙏🏼 Just a reminder to do something good for your mind, body, & soul every single day.

April 2019

Sunday mornings are the best.♥️🐕 #dogmomlife

April 2019

My favorite season is rooftop season. Celebrating its return - & the fact that it’s sundress weather - with spicy margs, duh!🌶🍹🏙🌤😎

April 2019

Does Coachella mark the beginning of romper season? I’m gonna go with yes because I’m ready to wear rompers again. And bikinis.👙

April 2019

Acupuncture & sand art. Always a good way to start the day.🙂 If you’ve never had acupuncture, I recommend you go to @wthn & get a glow session of facial acupuncture with LED light therapy. My go-to for anti-aging stress relief.🙌🏼💆🏼‍♀️ #HealForReal #selfcare

April 2019

Come here, lover boy.💋💋💋

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