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19 hours ago

If you know you know ! Just By Looking At This Picture I Could Hear It Sing ...✨😏 #TheColdest

2 days ago

Philly I’m On The Way, & I’m Bringing That Heat !!!! @iceberg Got Me Right 💎💎💎💎💎 - styling @kiddo fresh

3 days ago

“ R&B Ain’t dead & I WON’T LET IT DIE “ @troytaylorttu and @treysongz created magic !!!!!! ( Can’t Be Friends live In My home town ) we were rocking tonight ! #newhaven #live #vocals #music ( drums : @nosocialwill Keybass : @_joshuaeasley ) I LOVE MY CITY ! #203 ALWAYS GOT THE VIBE !

2 weeks ago

#hotboysummer #cityboysummer “ Stripes On My Arms So Them Gainz Gettin’ Bigger “ 😂🤣😂

3 weeks ago

When You Mix @chrisbrownofficial @champagnepapi @dababy & @maxwell together this is what you get ! TAG 3 people you know ! 💯🙏🏾

3 weeks ago

😈🎧: #callin Link In My Bio 💃🏾: @_taylorterry

3 weeks ago

So I Stopped By The Fam @originalbumbu @sarashowoff spot while i was in the city & we had a LIT ( LITERALLY ) ass interview as you can see by my eyes 😂🥃!!!! Coming soon stay tuned ! #Callin #834 LINK IN MY BIO .

3 weeks ago

Have You Seen The Official Video For Callin’ ? Subscribe to my YouTube channel ( AveryWilson ) I’m thinking about Vlogging 😈👀✨ 8:34 Out Right Now On All Digital Platforms !!! #LinkInMyBio & The Video Just Hit 50k views 🔥🔥🔥🔥 p.s I WILL BE RNB ASF TIL THE DAY I DIE !

3 weeks ago

If You Get This From A At Least One Person In The Audience You Set ! 😂😂😂😂

3 weeks ago

“ when I’m kissing all over your body , I’m leaving a trace you can trust “ - me

4 weeks ago

Hey @Lizzobeeating , Can Cinnamon ( My Guitar ) & Sasha ( Your Flute ) Have A Date On Record ? 👀✨ ... @cassie this really one of my favorite songs , that bridge is smooooooth asf ! 🙏🏾

4 weeks ago

What my food sees from the inside of the microwave 😂😂! ( @dior what’s good - y’all need a new face ¿ ) #fulllook #dior @kiddo fresh

4 weeks ago

BIG M😜😜D : YEEEERRRRRR 😩😨🤦🏾‍♂️😁 - WE HIT 600k !!!! #AveNation I really want to just say thank you from the bottom middle and top of my heart for the genuine love and support! Most of you following me have got to see my transformation over the years from being on “ The Voice “ at 16 yrs old to making millions of videos & having millions of followers on “ Vine “ to being signed to a major label that taught me a lot of lessons that have shaped me up to be who i am today ! You’ve seen me go from a snack to an entrée & i appreciate you for sticking in there with my ole goofy head ahhhh lol! 😂 but seriously know that none of it truly has been easy - through it all and still I’m out here grinding for what i love ! If there was one thing i want you to pull from my journey - it would be learn to know yourself , if you don’t people will infiltrate your thoughts & disturb your vision which ultimately prolongs your arrival to where you’re trying to go in life ! Through everything you go through stop and take mental notes , they will save you the jabs to the head when you come back around the next time ... life’s a big circle cycle . I GOT NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR YOU ALL & I APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU ! - Love, The REAL RNB KING 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👀 ! ( 🎧 : AVERY WILSON - Touch Down )

4 weeks ago

You Know I’m Here For A Good Time , Where The Drinks At 😈😂? ( @revolttv Music Summit ) #dreaminblack @att

4 weeks ago

The “ wait til we finish this dinner , so i can eat you “ Stare 😈🍴( 8:34 out now available on ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS! ) #linkInMyBio

last month

Literally My Mood : 🥳🥃 🛁 @originalbumbu Thankful For Another Year ! I’m Going To Continue To Let God Have His Way !

last month

So Honored That @qparker112 Someone That I’ve always respected & still do til this day thought of me to be apart of such an inspiring /inspirational project! #TheBridgeProject ! Here’s some behind the scene footage from our session! @officialbridgeproject ( colliding some of your favorite male RnB & Gospel artist on one record ) #brotherhood #unity

last month

I Believe It’s Important To Take Care Of Yourself Mentally , Emotionally & Physically! People Are Always Complimenting Me On My Skin & Asking What I Do To Take Care Of It ! One Thing On The Top Of The List Are Facials ! @theenhancers - Took Care Of Me Real Well! What You Are Watching Is Called A ✨ GLOW• facial ✨ ( The Glow Facial Involves Gentle Mechanical Exfoliation Of The Uppermost Layers Of Skin, @theenhancers favorite masking combo, and hydrafacial followed by light therapy ) Women & Men Should partake - As You Can See Its An Experience , A RELAXING ONE ... But I Ain’t Gon’ Hold You That Mask With The Net Made Me Feel A Lil Claustrophobic 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂 But I Held It Down ! 🎧 : RECKLESS - Link In My Bio !

last month

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @sevyn !!!!!!! ( This tour open my eyes a lot !!!! We had hella fun ! ) ENJOY YOUR DAY !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ ✌🏾😜

last month

Happy 4th Of July!!!! 💥 #14days Away Til My Birthday!!! #CANCERseason ♋️

last month

a wise man once said “ fck that shit “ & he lived happily ever after ! 💯

last month

Literally... 😈 #linkInBio

last month

I Be Trynna Stay Away But Your Body Keeps Callin’... 😈 #Callin #linkinbio 📷: @autiliabarros

last month

BIG MOOD : Ooooo Wass The Move It’s The Freaking Weekend ! 😈 ( Marking With The Bros ) #flashbackfriday #WassTheMoveChallenge we’ll start it off ! I’ll repost anyone who kills this shit !!!!

last month

#CanWeTalk x @hollywoodunlocked x @theonlyjasonlee BRUNCH Yesterday 🙏🏾 ... any time i get a chance to touch the stage you’re getting my ALL!

last month

Focused On The Prize *

June 2019

It’s not everyday you can sing a legendary song with the legends them self !!!! #Grateful ( 8:34 - Dropping 6/20 - Link In My Bio To Get Your Tickets To The POP Up Show In Brooklyn On The Same Day As The Release )

June 2019

[ 6/20 • #834 #EP } 😊💯😊 ... “ 8:34 “ ( The Exact Time I Was Born ) Is Me Walking Into This New Chapter Of Everyday Life , Love & Commitments Unafraid & Unapologetic ! ...Thank You To The Talented Individuals That Help Me Bring This Body Of Art Together Sonically & Visually / I FCKN Love Y’all & Am Grateful For Your Hard work & Artistic Value !!!!!!!! ( TAP The Cover Art For Tags - Follow Them ) ... ALSO ... I’m planning a special kickback + performance in Brooklyn , NY On The Same Day As The Release on The 20TH Of June! But in order to be in attendance I’m gonna need you to #CallMe To #Comethrough 😈 ... so blow me up ✨ +13108931802

June 2019

Vitamin A - Will Get You Right Any Day !!!! ( NEW MUSIC OTW ) #834 ✨✨✨✨ #vitamind #included 😈

May 2019

Since It’s Thursday ! #Tbt To How We Use To Operate On My Page ! ( Tag 2 people )🎵 Mine Again- @mariahcarey & While I’ve Got You’re Attention Click the link in my bio and watch the Official Video To My New Single #CALLIN - Let Me Know Your Thoughts 🙏🏾✨

May 2019

The Ball Is Always In Your Court Whether You Know It Or Not ! FWYH ! 🏁💯

May 2019

NEW SINGLE CALLIN ‘ NOW ON ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS & THE OFFICIAL VIDEO IS OUT RIGHT NOW ! ( Link In Bio ) !!!!! Thank you to all this amazing creatives that had a hand in this visual @lawrencesmurray 🙏🏾 @wrapped_in_pianostrings @alitamelosa @yungshellzsolomon @speckles_ @wayneshotit @hunnus @consydersamm ❤️

May 2019

“ I Be Trynna Stay Away But Your Body Keeps Callin’ “ #LinkInBio 📸: @hunnus

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