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Hey it’s been a while since my last coloring exercise. Here is Nessa for your rendering practice. You can download the high-res file here (BW linework also included ): ** Remember to add hashtag #nessartgerm when you post your final image online. Have fun! : ) #pokemon #nessa

2 days ago

Thank you for the rainbows Melbourne. Hope to return soon for a convention. : ) Photo taken by my lady @madelineyeo

2 weeks ago

So looking forward to play this game. And I have a feeling that I will be drawing quite a few Tifa this year. #finalfantasy7remake #tifalockhart

2 weeks ago

Been very much looking forward to FF7 Remake and the reveal of my favorite Tifa. Personally I can’t help but feeling a little uncomfortable with her face. Now the official art of her is released (right ), I made a quick edit of it (Left ) and try to find out why she look off to me. (Purely based on my own aesthetics, not trying to stir up anything ) #tifa #finalfantasy7remake

2 weeks ago

Sketching my next Supergirl cover... nah I’m kidding. : ) #carnage

3 weeks ago

Let it burn! Sketch done during the first day of Japan Comic Art Expo. It’s fun drawing the whole day. #phoenix #jeangrey

3 weeks ago

A retro sketch made for fun for Japan Comic Art Expo tomorrow. #leeloo #fifthelement

3 weeks ago

Did this over a cafe hangout with my buddies. My favorite cafe in Tokyo. #demonslayer #kimetsunoyaiba #tanjiroukamado @times_cafe

3 weeks ago

Decided to have a light dinner tonight. 😂

4 weeks ago

Another in class sketch. Trying to capture the tsundere look. Haha.

4 weeks ago

Did a quick painting demo in class. 2hrs.

4 weeks ago

When was the last time we saw a cute Chinese superhero from Marvel? Maybe she is the first and I’m glad to offer a cover to her first book. #aero

last month

A gift sketch for my partner in crime. @artgermcollectibles #cable #deadpool

last month

Hello fans of MegaCon, I’ll be doing a free workshop today with an extensive Q&A session about my art journey and how to be successful in what we do. Hope to see you there! @officialmegacon

last month

An unexpected commission request. #mylittlepony #fluttershy

last month

Yay I found my banner at MegaCon! Come see me at the Artist Alley PA63 @officialmegacon

last month

Yup another fun sketch for MegaCon. #joker @officialmegacon

last month

Another fun sketch done for Megacon this weekend. Find me at Artist Alley PA63. #stargirl @officialmegacon

last month

Bought some blank covers so I did this for people to pick up at Megacon Orlando this week. My first Thanos sketch. #thanos @officialmegacon

last month

This is my first convention in Florida. Looking forward to meet you there! Find me and my buddy Derrick Chew @dcwj at Artist Alley PA63-64 @officialmegacon

last month

Will be amazing to see it in person. What an honor to be placed next to @jimlee @atomhues and joshuamiddleton (repost from @aquamanuniverse on twitter )

last month

This is my end game. One of the most iconic and most requested costumes. : ) #catwoman #batmanreturns

last month

Words are like swords. #detectiveconan #edogawaconan

last month

Strong lady. Looking forward to watch episode 3 tonight. #gameofthrones #lyannamormont

April 2019

Did this over Twitch stream. Thanks to those who joined my stream. #shiryu of #saintseiya

April 2019

Hi guys I am live on Twitch now drawing Shiryu from Saint Seiya. Google Artgerm Twitch to join! #saintseiya #shiryu

April 2019

Old school sketch. : ) #saintseiya

April 2019

I believed that most of the kids like to express themselves thru art. Unfortunately many young artists are discouraged by their parents as they grow older. I hope my kids will never lose their passion to create. This is my younger son Alden’s latest sketch. : )

April 2019

Made a sketch to relax a little between projects. #streetfighter #rainbowmika #rmika

April 2019

It’s always delightful to see my art in statue form. Has anyone ordered this? #supergirl @dc_collectibles

April 2019

This is my Catwoman 13 “portrait” variant cover for July. You will find many closeup covers on the shelves in that month. I was trying a more watercolor style digitally on this piece to keep things fresh. #catwoman

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