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1 hour ago

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! ❤️


Weekend warrior. #ArodCorp #GetAfterIt #BusinessMeetings


5 shows down, many more to go! Continue to be in awe of @jlo for all the hard work she put into this tour and bringing her vision to life. Having so much fun watching you do what you love. Proud of you, baby! ❤️ #JLOItsMyParty #ItsMyParty

2 days ago

I crashed the party! Part 1 video up on my channel now. Link in bio. #JLOItsMyParty 🎉

3 days ago

You don’t want to miss @ozyfest ! More surprises to come. See you in Central Park July 20 & 21. 🙌

4 days ago

Great to be back in Omaha to see my friend and mentor Warren Buffett. 61 years in the same house. 57 years in the same office building. Bought his first shares of Berkshire Hathaway in 1962. The embodiment of American values. And he’s giving most of his money away to philanthropy. Lessons learned: 1. You need one good idea every five years. 2. Don’t listen to all the noise. Stay focused. 3. Be patient. But when you get your deal, you have to have the courage to take a big swing. No singles. Home runs.

5 days ago

My proudest achievement in life is being a present father. Anything that has to do with my girls, Natasha and Ella, that’s the real championship. Celebrate that father in your life this year with #PoloBlue , available at @macys

6 days ago

Missing these two. ❤️❤️

1 weeks ago

Never leave home without your pinstripes! . When you’re determined to make a fashion statement, what’s your go-to look? #yankees #alwaysinfashion #suitgamestrong #andthesekicks

1 weeks ago

Last night was, as the kids say, LIT! So incredibly proud of @jlo for all the hard work her and the team put into this show. One night down and plenty more to come 🔥

2 weeks ago

#TBT to 2012 and my 23rd career grand slam. Being mentioned in the same breath as Lou Gehrig is a complete honor. I never thought I’d hit as many grand slams as the Iron Horse and doing so in the same uniform was extra cool. This one felt even better because it helped lead to a Yankees win. #IronHorse #MLB #Yankees

2 weeks ago

This girl!!! . Ella, you continue to amaze me and fill me with so much pride! You’re not just a sixth-grader now, you’re a beautiful young woman who’s already on her way to taking the world by storm. You make me strive to be a better father every day and it is a privilege to watch you shoot for the stars. #ellabella #rockstar #prouddaddy

2 weeks ago

I just had a feeling 😂 @kevinmillar15 @crose127 @jlo #repost @mlbnetwork @arod always knew, @jlo #IntentionalTalk

2 weeks ago

The 🔥 of my 👁 . There are icons...but there is only one Jennifer Lopez, ladies and gentlemen. #CFDA

2 weeks ago

The great John Sterling would be proud of this call. Thanks to my #1 fan Tommy for taking me back to my playing days at the Stadium for a minute. Good to see you again buddy. #yankees #thhhhheeeeeeeeyankeeswin

3 weeks ago

What's your #1 passion?

3 weeks ago

How is my beautiful angel going to be a freshman in High School?! Congrats Tashi, we love you! 👩🏽‍🎓❤️

3 weeks ago

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, sit between two people that can and stay quiet! #imnotasinger

3 weeks ago

Mondays are like Sundays for me. It’s my ‘me’ time. My recovery day. It’s a chance to recharge my body. Sometimes I sleep 10 hours. Often I won’t get up until noon or even later. I try to eat super clean. Green juice!! I meditate. Then I train hard and heavy, and follow that up with some yoga. I’m constantly on the go, traveling, taking meetings, and leading a team... so it’s important to stop, breathe and smell the roses. I need to do a better job of this for me and my #ARodCorp team. How do you stay on top of your game? What’s your routine to re-energize?

3 weeks ago

Cheers to Memorial Day Weekend spent w/ my beautiful angel Ella. ☕️ Coffee w/ E-ROD?! Link in bio.

4 weeks ago

A secret I’ve never told anyone. 🏆 #SportsEmmys2019 link in bio.

4 weeks ago

Saw this message from my buddies @jesseitzler & @bunkercal and had to share. Take the time to do what is most important to you. I’m not even 50 yet so that gives me even more time to do what I truly value. Read Jesse’s message below. ・・・ TIME: It’s not about what’s “URGENT” it’s about what’s IMPORTANT. I’m 50. If I free up 3 hours a day to do more of what I love to do...over the next 30 years of my life I’ll free up 4 FULL FREE YEARS of time to do what I want. That’s BONUS time. Think of what you could accomplish if you had 4 free years. 3 hours sounds impossible right. It’s not. How do you do it? Say no to fake meetings, get up earlier, less TV, more efficient scheduling, etc. It all adds up. I’ve invested a lot lately to get super good at it because IT MATTERS. You can stack moments and accompaniments like you lived to be 200 years old if you optimize your time. #MakeTime #LifeOptimization #BuildYourLifeResume #NightTimeRoutine #TimeIsCumulative

4 weeks ago

Always on the move. #HumpDay #NYC With my guy Zeus who has taken care of me these past 20 years...when we started he had black hair!

4 weeks ago

Honored to join the iconic @ralphlauren family as the newest global ambassador for Polo Blue. Excited to show you all what we’ve been working on, coming this summer. #poloblue

4 weeks ago

History, coffee, and baseball. Had fun answering your questions for this week’s Coffee w/ARod in front of the Washington Monument! Link in bio. ☕️

5 weeks ago

Which of THESE books should I read first? 📚 Comment below! 👇🏽

5 weeks ago

My daughter thinks I should stick to baseball. Link in bio! 😎😎

last month

Trying out for the #JLoItsMyParty Tour! Think I got a shot? 🤔😂

last month

Team meeting at the @arodcorp West Coast office. Is this like a Dodger game where everyone casually shows up in the third inning? #whereiseverybody

last month

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

last month

#DaddyDateNight with a plus-1! #Tashi #EllaBella #Cami

last month

Daddy carpool duties. #chauffeur

last month

I almost missed the #MetGala ! Link in bio.

last month

Jamming to @cher at last night’s #MetGala ! She crushed it, so much fun! 🤘

last month

Had to take a selfie with @kimkardashian and Kanye! @jlo #MetGala #AllThePink

last month

❤️ MetBall 2019

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