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1 weeks ago

this summer of daydreams has been flying by so fast 🍃🌼 where do you still want to travel to before this season’s come & gone? I just want to spend all these days in the mountains surrounded by pine air and wildflowers 🌿🌝🌻

2 weeks ago

Just over a year ago I moved to California. 🌼 Growing up in Minnesota and Colorado, I’ve always been inspired by nature, especially forests and mountains. California was always intriguing to me because of its diverse landscape. The first time I ever went to Big Sur about 2 years ago was definitely when I fell in love with the California coast for the first time. So much of creating is just seeing the world in your own perspective and making something beautiful out of it. I think that starting my day by getting outside is really an act of self love and gratitude to recognize that you have a body that enables you to dance, run, breathe and see — when you recognize those things about yourself, I think you begin to see yourself in a new light and be softer with yourself. I’m so excited to be partnering this summer with @pacsun to illustrate how I’m endlessly creating myself here in California through my art, photography, design, and style. I like to dress for my environment, so here in LA I love anything linen, sundresses, or vintage inspired pieces. I’d describe my style as summer camp — relaxed pieces that are a little vintage and a little 70’s inspired. Living on the west coast has influenced my creative process in so many positive ways, as I’m continuously inspired to explore this wild and beautiful state I now call home. #MyDenimStory #PacDenim #PSGirls #ad

3 weeks ago

There’s something about summer, breathing in fresh air and soaking in sunshine, that’s just good for the soul. 🍃🌾🌞 #LBPPartner I’m so excited to be partnering with @lovebeautyandplanet this year to celebrate the planet through small act of love and I’ll be sharing about their amazing sustainability focused products. ♻️🌿 I’ve been incorporating my love for nature into my daily routine, and my favorite thing about this brand is that their products are made with the planet in mind— free of preservatives like parabens or sulfates and even vegan & cruelty-free. ✨ Their argan oil & lavender lotion combination is made with ethically sourced lavender extract and argan oil. 🌼 It’s such a calming scent that brings the feeling of summer inside. After long days spent in the sun, I’ve loved having a little self-care routine before cozying up for a night of watching the sunset and stargazing. 🌛💫 #smallactsoflove #lovebeautyandplanet

3 weeks ago

rosemary summer 🍃🌿🌼

4 weeks ago

The best kind of mornings in the summer are waking up early, throwing on my favorite pair of jeans, and driving to the beach to go watch the sunrise. 🌺🌞🌊 Every time I’m out by the coast, looking out at the ocean, I can’t help but think about how important it is to protect our planet — preserving it for future generations to enjoy. 🌎 #InAero REAL Denim, I’ve added an essential piece to my wardrobe that empowers my own creativity, as well as my love for the planet! @aeropostale just launched a new sustainable line called Aero x Repreve : a line of eco-friendly jeans made from recycled plastic bottles. I absolutely love when brands have conscious initiatives to help take small but significant steps to eliminating waste in natural areas, and taking care of our planet. ♻️🌻🌾🍃 #InAero #ad

4 weeks ago

nothing like the summertime air 🍃🌼

4 weeks ago

one month past the summer solstice and everything is iced tea and open windows, fresh air and afternoon naps: daydreaming, star-seeking, meadow-reading, heart-beating days in the sun

5 weeks ago

“A Sunday drive is an automobile trip, typically taken for pleasure or leisure on a Sunday, usually in the afternoon. During the Sunday drive, there is typically no destination and no rush.”

5 weeks ago

summer water 🌿✨ #35mm

last month

a foggy summer sunset over the pacific coast of malibu 🐚 #35mm

last month

“one day you will look back & see that all along, you were blooming” - @morganharpernichols 🌼

last month

a day in the garden / los alamos, california

last month

Rise & shine — just posted a new video on my YouTube channel! 🌞✨ This one is from a day trip to Ojai, California: with little snippets of a few of my favorite boutiques, restaurants, and sunset spots 🍃 You can check out the link in my bio to watch the full video & subscribe 💛 📽: @kristinelliss

last month

among the olive branches 🍃🌿

last month

woke up in a daydream

last month

you remind me of - slow songs, apricot jam, peppermint tea, saturday mornings

last month

headed home for the coastline ✨ been living in this white linen tie front top + linen shorts all summer from @fortunateonestore 🐚 you can use code ALLEGRA10 for 10% off 🌞🎞 📷: @kristinelliss | #fortunateone #ad

last month

sea salt, summer gold 🌞 #35mm

last month

cozy seaside dusk 🐚🌝✨

last month

Whenever I’m planning a hike or camping trip out in nature, I try to be mindful in the simplicity and sustainability of what I bring along. 🌲 “Leaving no trace” is something we hear a lot about in the terms of how we should interact with the outdoors, but I’ve been thinking more about what this truly means. 🍃 We can minimize our impact on natural areas by cleaning up our trash, not damaging flowers or trees, and not leaving evidence of waste. 🌼 ↠ Something I’d never thought of was a sustainable option for period care, and was so excited to find out about @saaltco — a reusable cup that is safely made with medical grade silicone, and is BPA-free & latex-free. 1 salt cup diverts 3,000 tampons and pads from ending up in landfills. No toxic chemicals like some tampons/pads contain, made from . They can also be worn for up to 12 hours at a time! ↠ Saalt also donates 2% of their revenue to period care causes, and helps fund initiatives in education, empowerment, and sustainability. Since last year, Saalt has diverted over 100,000 period waste products form landfills. They have also funded 1800 days of school for girls in rural Nepal. ↠ I never thought I’d be shopping for period care on a fashion site, but was so excited to find out that Saalt is available at @urbanoutfitters 🌝 #workingwithsaalt #passthesaalt

last month

land of the free ✨🍃

last month

hope your summer is all messy braids, painting smocks, dirty knees, freckles, and spent in the sun🌞 #UOonYou

last month

summer of daydreams, see you soon love #120 #Contax645

last month

throw caution to the wind ✨🍃 #35mm

last month

summer on the coast ☼

last month

I have some exciting news this morning ✨☺️ Just released a new video on my YouTube channel all about how I create my Instagram stories! 🎨📱 Designing daily stories has always been something that brings me joy in my creative process, and I’m so happy to finally share a few of my favorite tips and tricks with you all 🌱 You can check out the full video by clicking the link in my bio. So excited to hear what you guys think 🌻🍃💛 🎥: @kristinelliss

last month

oceans away ✨🐚

last month

these days you’ll find me in warm summer fields under wide open skies ✨

June 2019

june 🍃

June 2019

Celebrating #IcedTeaDay with grapefruit and organic manuka honey, chocolate-dipped orange slices, local watermelon, and my current favorite Hibiscus Iced Tea by @pureleaf 🍯🍊🍓🍃✨ I’ve been so excited to finally use these flower teacups, ever since I bought them last spring in Florence. 🌞 Also keeping my @pureleaf ice cold in my favorite vintage pitcher. Finally unpacking everything in my new apartment, and taking a moment to relax with friends to celebrate. 🌻 Cheers to new beginnings. #BloomingWithFlavor #IcedTeaDay #IcedTeaUpgrade #ad

June 2019

my evergreen 🍃🌲

June 2019

we woke up early last wednesday morning and were sitting at breakfast when we decided to pack up and head to the mountains for the night 🌲 something I’ve learned so far in life: there’s not a lot that some fresh air and pine trees won’t fix 🤲🏻🍃 #sponsored #levifreely #ladiesinlevis

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