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19 hours ago

PLAY - out August 30th🔥You can now pre-save the song. Link in my bio▶️

2 days ago

Playing in one of these cities tonight, guess which one 🕝

3 days ago

Nice to finally meet you bro!

2 weeks ago

Great being back in Seoul🙏🏼

2 weeks ago

What’s your next move? 🔵🔴🔵🔴

2 weeks ago

Well, if this music thing doesn’t work out, at least I have something to fall back on... #walkerspizza Text me through my bio for pizza orders🍕🍕

3 weeks ago

.--. .-. . ... ... .--. .-.. .- -.--

3 weeks ago

Jamming session before performing at the @pubgmobile Spring Split Global Finals

3 weeks ago

Caption this! Best caption wins.

3 weeks ago

Walkers! Last week I had the great pleasure of performing in Berlin for the @pubgmobile Spring Split Global Finals, where I did my first ever live performance of my new single #LiveFast 💥 Check out how it all went down in the new #AWUnmasked Vlog – out now, link in stories!

4 weeks ago

Thank you so much for all the comments on my latest single. It's so cool to see all your support even though I released a song that is very different from what you are used to hearing from me. Excited to keep on trying new things and evolving alongside you guys 🙏🏻

4 weeks ago

*voting for my favourite DJs on @djmagofficial * 😏

4 weeks ago

Had the pleasure of meeting last years NBA MVP @giannis_an34 , the tallest guy I’ve ever seen. I decided not to challenge him to a ball game. More in the new Unmasked Vlog coming soon! #AWunmasked

4 weeks ago

What do you guys think about my latest single? #LiveFast

4 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

I had the great pleasure of performing my brand new single #LiveFast live for the first time at the opening of the @pubgmobile #PMCO Spring Split Global Finals in Berlin today! If you missed the livestream I’ve uploaded my full performance on @youtube Check it out, link in stories #PUBGMXAW #PMCO2019

5 weeks ago

Walkers! I hope you’re enjoying my new single and collaboration w/ @asaprocky as much as I am. I'm both proud and grateful for the opportunity to work with such great creatives and want to personally thank Rocky, @kamalexandermusic and everyone else who has contributed to this track. Needless to say, the challenges and controversy surrounding Rocky’s arrest and upcoming trial in Sweden has affected all of us through the last weeks. I can’t and will never be the guy to point fingers and tell what’s right and wrong - that is for the police and authorities to decide. But I would like to speak out for fair treatment and a quick resolution for the sake of everyone involved. #JusticeForRocky

4 weeks ago

I’m so excited to finally share with you all my brand new single #LiveFast in collaboration with @asaprocky ! So amazing to work on another official @pubgmobile theme song. Check it out and let me know what you guys think, link in bio!

5 weeks ago

New single out tomorrow! #LiveFast

last month

#LiveFast 25.07. Who's ready?

last month

For a month now I’ve had an ongoing production process together with Walkers. This is the final result! It’s called «Unity» and is produced, written and recorded by us. Really proud of what we’ve achieved together from so many different places in the world. This is the anthem to our community! Link in stories🔥 #AlanXWalkers

last month

When we flew with the chopper over Iceland we spotted this place. Wow. There’s so many beautiful places in this world, this is definitely one of them. What’s your dream destination?

last month

New outfit, new show! Check out the latest vlog on my YouTube channel now🙏🏼 Link in stories! #AWunmasked

last month

Since I started my partnership with @pubgmobile earlier this year, they asked me to find my four favourite characters. Take a look!

last month

Live fast for the moment😏

last month

Enjoying some time off in Iceland 🇮🇸

last month

Wow, what an incredible crowd and energy at @palmesus today! Amazing to finally be able to play there🔥

last month

Quick trip to New York today to perform in Central Park with @sabrinacarpenter for @goodmorningamerica 🇺🇸 Was a blast, thanks for having me!

last month

The music video for my remix of «Calma» by @pedrocapo and @farrukoofficial is up on @youtube ! Swipe up in story to check it out 🙏🏻

last month

I guess he wasn’t in the mood for a laugh

last month

Guess who just turned 20 and who’s still a three year old, hyvää syntymäpäivää rakas❤️

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