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I shall proceed and continue💡

3 days ago

Can’t walk a mile in my shoes cuz I’m barefoot 👣

5 days ago

Location location location 🏡

6 days ago

Bust out the Aloe 🔥

2 weeks ago

Couples therapy 🎨

2 weeks ago

The over-under 🌈

2 weeks ago

The magic stick 🎩

3 weeks ago

The Pacific specifically 🌙

3 weeks ago

Trifecta ⛰💦☀️

4 weeks ago

Reawaken with a child’s smile and a clean slate ✨ - Deca . . If you know me then you know that I’m a life long underground hip-hop head so I’ve decided that when I’m struggling to come up with a clever caption I’ll just borrow (steal ) some inspiration from my favorite MCs (see above ). Also, I’m super stoked to ease back into shooting and adventuring and I really appreciate all of the kind messages, I’ve still got a lot of physical therapy to do but am finally coming along thanks to my buddy @drjones_hilife if you need PT he is the man so feel free to hit me up for his info. Aight enough rambling happy Aloha Friday much love 🤙

4 weeks ago

Cloud gazing 🌥

4 weeks ago

Cool as a breeze be 🌴

5 weeks ago

Try to bring me down I want to uplift ⛰ - Deca

last month

A tangible dream 💡 . . Unfortunately I’ve had even further complications with my shoulder rehab so I’m going to fall off the Insta grid for a little while to focus on getting healthy. I’m more motivated than ever to get back to adventuring and shooting and have an epic 2 country 3 state PNW road trip planned with my life long homie @_juni_gutierrez in October so I’ll be back with some heat soon, stay rad and happy Aloha Friday fam!

last month

Big up 🚁 . . Throwing it back to an incredible doors off experience with @maunaloahelitours for my birthday last year. I watched YouTube videos on how to shoot from a helicopter in preparation but I will definitely be making some setting adjustments next time. Thanks to @hopponpopp for piloting the shit out of that bird while I dangled my feet out in various places around the island to get the cliche shots, and major shouts to @breezyinhawaii for hooking up the tour!

last month

Fire and ice 🔥 . . This has become one of my favorite places to shoot sunset, it’s amazing that you can still find empty beaches in town at the right time, can anyone guess the spot?

last month

Bright and early 🌴 . . Sometimes a random person walks into the frame and actually brings it all together, this dawn patroller gave the image a sense of scale next to these tall skinny palms, so shouts to you random surfer girl 🏄🏽‍♀️

last month

Koko puffs ☁️ . . In my opinion there is no better way to start the day than a sunrise hike with the homies, adventure on friends!

last month

Front row 🌄 . . This was probably the best burn that I’ve seen in the past year, I also randomly met the extremely talented bros @justindk_photovideo @spencerlee808 and @landon_navarro that morning, photography is pretty freaking awesome, happy Aloha Friday!

July 2019

Northern Lights 🌦 . . Re-post - epic stormy sunsets on the North Shore of Oahu with random subjects in the right place at the rad time!

July 2019

Thirsty Thursday 🍻 . . My friend Melissa reluctantly agreed to model for me during this beautiful blue hour, my “expert” direction was for her to drink a beer and run around the edge of the water (look closely for the beer ), needless to say she nailed it 🔨

July 2019

Lanikai juice 🍊 . . The sunset was casting a strange orange glow this night. I had no intention of shooting but had to bust out the camera and get low, you know what they say about the best camera right?

July 2019

Early moody mornings on Mokoli’i ⛰ 📸 @chrismatrecito / 🎨 me

July 2019

Tip to the drip 💦

July 2019

We aim high but shoot holes in the ozone 🚀

July 2019

Light at the end of the tunnel 🔦

July 2019

Castaway 🎣

July 2019

Cool calm it’s all copacetic 🍃

July 2019

Tuesday cruise day 💎

June 2019

It’s waterfall weather out there Oahu 💦

June 2019

Top of the morning 🌄

June 2019

Shots fired 🔥

June 2019

Plant based adventure 🌿

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