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20| 🌼 "Healing Pretty" 🌼 taking my L's & running with em!!! 🙏🏾 🌻 #AGirlWithAPlan📕 Mommy to Averi👗 Watch Me Heal ⬇️🧘🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️🌺

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7 hours ago

I am definitely ABOVE MESS. 💯 I THINK BEFORE I SPEAK. I DON'T TALK ABOUT NOBODY. EVERYTHING IS IN MY HEAD. 💯 I CAN'T TALK ABOUT NOBODY BECAUSE MY LIFE ISNT PERFECT LOL. 👌🏾💯 YOULL NEVER HEAR ME TALKING ABOUT NOBODY TO YOU. some people actually do talk about LLC's and productive things. 💯 (Not saying I never talked about no one in the past , people change ) .

6 days ago

Ayee Man......

2 weeks ago

Still Building 🚧 my daughter is 19 months old and 19 months ago I was so different! I wasn't even close to the person I am now! 🙏🏾 It took alot to get to where I am. 🧘🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️ I was weak, I was broken and even stupid! Whew😑😩 God is So Good! I can't wait to see what's in store!!!!!

3 weeks ago

Hungry 😛💰💳💷💶💴💵💸🏧🛍️

last month

I used to be this girl. 😫 #ThankGodForGrowth #SelfCheck 🙏🏾 #LordIPromiseIllDoBetterNextTime 🙏🏾💕

July 2019


June 2019

No mf way my GIRL ARI PUT ME ON HER STORY😍😍😍😍😍😫😫😫😫💕💕💕💕💕 I don’t care this is big to me 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛 I love her ghetto ass

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June 2019

#Hungry 😛

June 2019

My brother graduated high school! #ProudBigSister 🎓💕 #TwoDownThreeToGo ❤️🎓💕 #Shawn 😛

April 2019


April 2019

#Scrubs 📚✏️ #School ‼️

March 2019

I can't wait to get my certification 💊💉📚💳👛💰

January 2019


February 2019

I LOVE THIS 😍 GROWN WOMEN who know how to communicate 🗣 and keep it professional 💅 GROWN WOMEN who understand that it's about the CHILD and not the dude. 😍 i may be 19 years old BUT I AM NOT 19 YEARS OLD *if you get what I'm saying * not saying im GROWN, im just REAL💯.... #IllNeverBeTheBitterBabyMama 😍 just call me #TheFINEBabymama ❤😍 #TheFocusedBabyMama #InMYLane 💳💰👛 Disclaimer : this is NOT a slug thrown at my baby daddy... I LOVE HIM... we are wonderful friends... I'll never bash him on social media ever.... I just like this picture 😘 you'll never see me having a problem with my bd or any other guy on social media everrr.... That's not a trend i follow.

January 2019

A big rule of thumb when you're living your life is to understand that you are not perfect, you HAVE made some mistakes, you HAVE said some hurtful words to someone.... ❤ you have to understand that you will sometimes have some karma to face ❤ i am not the same person I was 6 months ago ❤ IN THIS SEASON I KNOW I HAVE DONE SOME THINGS AND MADE SOME MISTAKES, I'll never play the victim, I'll never act like i didn't do anything, I'll walk with my head held high because I am trying to be better. ❤ I'll never blame someone for MY wrong doings ❤ #ItsOkayToMakeAMisake#DoBetterNextTime#AskGodToForgiveYou#PrayAndLetGodTakeControl ❤❤❤❤❤ some of us let our mistakes break us because WE KNOW THE TYPE OF PERSON THAT WE ARE ❤

December 2018

I'LL NEVER DELETE THIS POST OFF MY TIMELINE 💄😍💕 *take care of yourself as if YOU are somebody You CARE ABOUT 💕

December 2018


November 2018

This is deep... Some would not understand 💕🌻

November 2018

Im sorry.... This is my favorite selfie of all time #ICanBeCuteSometimes 😍😋

November 2018


October 2018

#tb i miss my braids 🙄

October 2018

2 months after i had Averi 😍😍😍😍 #tb #promready 🤧

October 2018

My #AveriChanel is such a big girl 😍 she's doing more and more everyday 💛 she keeps me going & im so motivated to become a better mom for her ❤ with just a simple hug from her she's takes all the tears away because these days are really hard but i know God is in control 😊 she also motivates me to become a better individual 😍 im so glad God sent me such an angel 😇 @averichanel 💜

2 weeks ago

*those last 5 words..... 💕

September 2018

I like this one! 👑💰👛😋💄📚😱