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23 hours ago

‘Web Design. The Evolution of the Digital World 1990–Today.’ Find out more through the link in bio 🌐 Rob Ford, Julius Wiedemann.


“My daughter Paula and the kitten both ‘smiled’ for the camera at the same time…but the cat’s not smiling, he’s meowing.” — Walter Chandoha Paula and Kitten, 1955, is one of Chandoha’s most recognized and perhaps most fortuitously timed photographs. Find out more about Chandoha 😺 link in bio . © 2019 Walter Chandoha #cat #cats #instacats #catoftheday

2 days ago

Impala, Aepyceros melampus, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. From ‘Frans Lanting. LIFE’. Link in bio! ©️ Frans Lanting #impala #kenya #franslanting #life

4 days ago

Going through Friday like… ©️ Bruce W. Talamon. ‘Soul. R&B. Funk. Photographs 1972–1982’. Link in bio. #friday #soul #rnb #funk

4 days ago

The new book ‘Cats, Photographs 1942–2018’ by Walter Chandoha will bring your adoration for cats to another level. Order through the link in our bio. © 2019 Walter Chandoha #TASCHEN @chandohacats #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #catstagram #instacats

5 days ago

From the archives... 1990: TASCHEN celebrates the publication of 'Karl Lagerfeld: Photographer'. #tbt #taschen40 #taschenhistory #lagerfeld #karllagerfeld

5 days ago

Casa Mi Ojo, Costa Careyes, Jalisco, Mexico. Featured in ‘Living in Mexico’. 💙 ✨ Link in bio! ©️TASCHEN/Barbara and René Stoeltie #mexico #jalisco #costacareyes #casamiojo #architecture #design

6 days ago

50 years ago, today! August 13, 1969: Tickertape parade for the astronauts, New York City. From 'Norman Mailer. MoonFire. 50th Anniversary Edition' 👉 link in bio © 2009 Neil Leifer / TASCHEN #nasa #usa #nyc #tickertapeparade #1969 #normanmailer #moonfire #apollo50th

6 days ago

Perhaps one of Walter Chandoha’s greatest attributes was his ability to go unnoticed by his feline friends, like this impervious trio. New Jersey, 1982. Check out our retrospective of the greatest cat photographer 😺 link in bio. © 2019 Walter Chandoha #taschen #chandoha #instacats #cat #cats #catoftheday

1 weeks ago

Did you know? Rembrandt created more than 90 self-portraits, but he also liked to insert himself into his other paintings. He paints his face among a crowd of spectators in several works including The Stoning of Saint Stephen (his first known painting ), Raising of the Cross, and possibly even The Night Watch. Above: Self-Portrait, 1629 - Oil on panel. Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Alte Pinakothek, Munich. Pre-order your copy of ‘Rembrandt, Self-Portraits’ now 🎨 link in bio. © Blauel Gnamm – ARTOTHEK.

1 weeks ago

Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters (1984 ) 👻 Explore ‘Movies of the 80s’, a round-up of the most influential and successful films from a decade of excess, enormity, and experimentalism. #ghostbusters #80s #cinema

2 weeks ago

The valet entrance to Hollywood’s grande dame hotel, the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard. 🍸 From ‘NYT Explorer. Cities & Towns’, link in bio. @chadress for @nyt #hollywood #chateaumarmont #sunsetboulevard

2 weeks ago

Happy #InternationalCatDay ! Sound was pivotal to Walter Chandoha’s success: the click of a can opener could perfectly align his often-unruly models. New Jersey, 1961. 😺 Our book 'Walter Chandoha. Cats. Photographs 1942–2018' is available through the link in our bio! © 2019 Walter Chandoha #taschen #chandoha #walterchandoha #cat #cats #catoftheday

2 weeks ago

The Dutch Golden Age spawned some of history’s greatest artists and artisans, but few can boast of the genius of Rembrandt. Commemorating 350 years of unparalleled legacy, this new XXL-sized monograph gathers the artist’s 330 paintings in exquisite reproductions and enlarged details that reveal how, in all their forms, Rembrandt’s painted works are built of intricacies—the totality of each subtle wrinkle, gaze, or figure. Above: ‘Flora’, 1634. Oil on canvas. © The State Hermitage Museum. Get your copy of ‘Rembrandt. The Complete Paintings’ through the link in our bio! #rembrandt #art #artbook #flora #dutchgoldenage

2 weeks ago

1986: A poster featuring young Marlene Taschen, announcing “I don’t want a Taschen-buch, I want a book by TASCHEN!” (You see, Taschen-buch means pocket book in German. ) #tbt #taschen40 #taschenhistory

2 weeks ago

@drdre with our @brucewtalamon monograph! ❤️ ‘Bruce W. Talamon. Soul. R&B. Funk. Photographs 1972-1982’ is available through the link in our bio.

2 weeks ago

Gervas Huxley, Kenya, 1940s. Kenyans trudging along a road battle clouds of flying locusts. Spawned in the vast deserts to the north, periodic irruptions of locusts brought millions of insects descending upon everything in sight, devouring crops, destroying grasslands and forests, even covering roads so thickly that cars skidded out of control. © National Geographic Society Image Collection and Archives

2 weeks ago

Commemorating the 350th anniversary of the artist’s death, this comprehensive monograph renders all of Rembrandt’s self-portraits in breathtaking XL resolution. From his first experimentations at age twenty-two to his final self-portrait painted a year before his death, this stunning collection stands testament to a life committed to revolutionizing painterly practice both in content and form. Pre-order your copy of ‘Rembrandt, Self-Portraits’. 👉 link in bio! #rembrandt #selfportraits #TASCHEN #taschenverlag #comingsoon #book #art

2 weeks ago

🌵 Villa Sol de Oriente, Costa Careyes From ‘Living in Mexico‘ — find out more through the link in our bio! ☀ ©️TASCHEN/Barbara and René Stoeltie

3 weeks ago

🎂 20 Years of SUMO! The Helmut Newton SUMO in XL, revised by June Newton, with a making-of booklet. Available through the link in bio! #helmutnewton #20yearsofsumo #TASCHEN #legs

3 weeks ago

Tony Montana, portrayed by Al Pacino, in Scarface (1983 ), directed by Brian de Palma 🚬 ✨ Get your fill of ’80s nostalgia — explore our book ‘Movies of the 80s’ through the link in our bio! #tonymontana #alpacino #scarface #80s #cinema

3 weeks ago

Our book ‘Contemporary Concrete Buildings' is a must-have for architecture lovers and is available through the link in our bio! 💖 Above: Reiulf Ramstad, Selvika National Tourist Route. @reiulframstadarchitects © Jiri Havran #architecture #design #concrete #norway

3 weeks ago

‘Tree of Life’ by Kako Ueda. Hand-cut paper.

3 weeks ago

Happy birthday to James Baldwin, who would have been 95 today. “The role of the artist is exactly the same as the role of the lover. If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.” —James Baldwin Photograph by Steve Schapiro, 1963 from The Fire Next Time

3 weeks ago

Portrait of a Couple as Isaac and Rebecca (“The Jewish Bride” ), c. 1665. Oil on canvas. 👀 Take a look inside our new book, ‘Rembrandt. The Complete Paintings’, through the link in our bio! @Rijksmuseum , on loan from the City of Amsterdam (A. van der Hoop Bequest ) #rembrandt #art #artbook

3 weeks ago

Remember this? Take a look inside ‘All-American Ads of the 90s’: Link in bio 🍏

3 weeks ago

From the archives... The cover of 'Ray Banana: Abenteuer im 20. Jahrhundert', published by TASCHEN COMICS in 1982. 🍌 #tbt #taschen40 #taschenhistory #raybanana

3 weeks ago

Happy 70th birthday to the photographer of the golden age of soul, R&B, and funk Bruce Talamon. “For ten glorious years, I had the best seat in the house.” – Bruce W. Talamon @brucewtalamon #brucewtalamon #TASCHEN #anniversary #souldandfunk #goldenage

3 weeks ago

A must-have for fans of Renzo Piano. Updated with over 200 new pages, our latest monograph is jam-packed with photographs, sketches, and plans that span Piano’s entire career to date. Above: The Beirut History Museum in Lebanon. ‘Piano. Complete Works 1966–Today’ 🌴 Link in bio! @rpbw_architects #renzopiano #beirut #lebanon #architecture #design

3 weeks ago

To go to Egypt is to go back to the beginning of human history. Beyond Egypt lies primeval mystery. The earliest pyramid marks the frontier between the unknown and the known, and in the wilderness of centuries that rolls between the pyramid and the oldest works of man in other lands, the only conspicuous milestone are the other pyramids … For more than a score of centuries the world was Egypt, and Egypt was the world. Men and Camel in the Desert at Sunset, Giza, Egypt, 1906 🐪 ‘Burton Holmes. Travelogues. The Greatest Traveler of His Time’ — available through the link in our bio. #camel #giza #egypt #burtonholmes #travelogues #travel #desert

3 weeks ago

Curiosity made this self-portrait on August 5, 2015, by maneuvering the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI ) camera on the end of a seven-foot-long robotic arm. Multiple overlapping frames were acquired, then digitally stitched together by image analysts at JPL. The arm moved into a new position for each frame but the camera always pointed toward a specific “vanishing point” to minimize parallax distortions. From 'The NASA Archives': 👉 link in bio ©️ Courtesy of NASA #nasa #curiosity #mars

4 weeks ago

South Africa, 1995: A walking stick on one shoulder, a hunting bow slung over the other, a Bushman watches relatives stride across the dunes near the boundary of Kalahari Gemsbok National Park. 🌍 Find ‘National Geographic. Around the World in 125 Years. Africa’ through the link in our bio! Photo by Chris Johns © Minden Pictures @natgeo #natgeo #nationalgeographic #southafrica #photography

4 weeks ago

How many times have you watched E.T.? 💖 Get your fill of ’80s nostalgia — explore our book ‘Movies of the 80s’ through the link in our bio! Above: @drewbarrymore in Steven Spielberg’s ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’ (1982 ). #et #stevenspielberg #drewbarrymore #cinema

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