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CEO and founder of Cash & Rocket and mother of a big family...

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11 hours ago

Last night with @juliet @serpentineuk great night 💋 @cash_and_rocket reunion

2 days ago

I love you Baby can’t wait for our new adventure @1000wattsm #barcelona

3 days ago

Our dog walker is having a minor problem with Wilson 😂 #chicagoray #thebrangstrupwatts

4 days ago

Cash & Papa’s first attempt to Cryo -110..... 😆 we will be back tomorrow @apogiiclinic 💪🏼 @cash_and_rocket let’s get ready for the summer 👌🏻

2 weeks ago

Welcome to the 14th grandchild of the Brangstrup clan - Olympia born 13.06.19 we love you so much 💕💕💕 huge hugs and kisses from us all in London. It’s my favourite number 13, a primer number (apparently ) and I’m sure you will have all the luck, love and success you need in life. Auntie Julie xx

2 weeks ago

Oh yes there is more .... 🚘 @cash_and_rocket #letsdrivethechange #letsmakeadifference #80ladies #40redcars

2 weeks ago

A week ago today @cash_and_rocket #letsdrivethechange 2019 #letsmakeadifference so proud of all our ladies for raising $770,650.33 USD incredible work 💪🏼 #womenempowerment #womeninbusiness @sumbandila @helenbamberfoundation @dffaf africa

3 weeks ago

Thank you Piaget for hosting us in Geneva @cash_and_rocket @piaget and thank you @ladivarivamua for my glamorous look each night 🙏🏻 @jodiekiddoffical @chloegreen5 @parishilton 💋

3 weeks ago

What an adventure ladies you did so well big thank you 🙏🏻 @sumbandila @dffaf africa @helenbamberfoundation #womenempowerment #letsmakeadifference #letsdrivethechange

3 weeks ago

We made it my love @chloegreen5 so proud of your fundraising you rock 💪🏼 love you @cash_and_rocket #letsdrivethechange #letsmakeadifference ❤️ @sumbandila @helenbamberfoundation @dffaf africa big thank you to all of our sponsors and to all of you who have donated means so much to us all. @michaelkors @bentleymotors @graceandroseskincare @apogiiclinic @wiesmannsportscars @piaget @davidmorrisjeweller @lorenzbaumer @bmw @miasuki with out your support we couldn’t do this. 💋

3 weeks ago

Geneva we are here @piaget thank you so much @cash_and_rocket

3 weeks ago

Its my fathers birthday @cash_and_rocket I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋

3 weeks ago

@wiesmannsportscars pink party last 💕 @cash_and_rocket #letsdrivethechange #letsmakeadifference please donate to team 13 xxx

4 weeks ago

💙 my little 😇 #thebrangstrupwatts

4 weeks ago

It’s all blue and white today 💙 @ivanamalondon #thebrangstrupwatts

4 weeks ago

Let’s Drive The Change Ladies @cash_and_rocket starting from London the 6th of June 🚘 #wellingtonarch #womenempowerment #letsmakeadifference @sumbandila @helenbamberfoundation @supportdffaf 💪🏼

last month

Chicago is very upset about the Queen not being home.... when we finally came to visit. 😂 #thebrangstrupwatts

last month

Someone is stealing my ring and telling me I don’t have any friends 😞

last month

Another year has passed...can’t believe I’m 41 today ...madness! Wow a lot of things have happened this year good and bad, ups & downs but in the end my family is healthy and happy and we are lucky to have such an incredible life. I’m so grateful for my beautiful family, my fantastic friends, my work and life in general. At the age of 41, I feel finally know myself, what I want, my passions and my mission. I know, I was put into this world on a mission... Wasn’t sure for years what it was but I know now. It was never going to be an easy task I suspect but a challenge which would keep me going and make me want to work hard and seem something at the end of it. I want my children to understand that life is often hard but if you’re prepared to work hard, take your opportunities and think of others then your experience of it can be so beautiful and inspiring. My mission is set to keep driving the rising tide of female empowerment and to raise funds and the awareness of those less fortunate than many of us so that all women and children around the world can get an education and build their own futures. Of course we need to change the politic outlook of short termist populism, to steer our governments’ priorities away from slogans and sound bites into action for everyone’s benefit. We should never stop fighting lies and corruption however desperate it can feel at times and most of all we need to try and do the small things that can make a difference to individuals on the ground: there we can plant the seeds for longer term change. That’s my mission - to drive the change but by bit. Never made a statement like this before but it’s my birthday and it’s time for change. To all the Gemini’s out there have a great bday and enjoy yourself. Xxx #letsdrivethechange #letsmakeadifference #womenempowerment @cash_and_rocket

last month

Not long to go..... @cash_and_rocket team 13... #letsdrivethechange #letsmakeadifference 16 days and we are off.... 💪🏼 please donate to team13 💋💋

last month

My Dude and I .... 💙 #barcelona #thebrangstrupwatts #columbus

last month

Very proud of my @jaggerpbscooper 💪🏼 2nd place 👍🏻

last month

On route and it’s full force ... 😂 #thebrangstrupwatts #barcelona #almostweekend

last month

It’s getting close and my dear friend Chloe & I are driving the @cash_and_rocket 2019 from London, Paris, Geneva ending in Monte Carlo. This year we are fundraising for three incredible charities @sumbandila @helenbamberfoundation @supportdffaf these foundations are all creating opportunities, developing dreams and creating important goals for women and children around the world. I know many of you are being asked to make donations regularly but we would be so grateful if you could please help by contributing even a small amount, everything helps and will make a difference. 🙏🏻 please see my link above in my bio team 13 #letsdrivethechange #letsmakeadifference #redcars #80women

last month

I ❤️ these guys, just such a great atmosphere and so talented, @michaelkors thank you so much for having me 💋 @cash_and_rocket #letsdrivethechange #letsmakeadifference

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