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#GOD'S 1st 🙌🏾 #ForNellie #FVSUGraduate 🎓 SnapChat:ball3ball #RideOnDEE😖😭

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May 2019

So this happened yesterday 🎓🙌🏽🤦🏽‍♂️💯

April 2019

Only the Beginning 🙌🏽💯💰🤫

April 2019

Lord knows I have came a long way but this is only the beginning Only going up from her 🙌🏽💯👌🏽🤫💰 #ForNellie #GodSpeed

November 2018

Promise I’m coming harder next year 🙌🏽👌🏽💯💰 #ForNellie #GodSpeed

September 2018

Thank God for seeing another Birthday 24 Kobe Year but I just want to say keep living everybody cause life will always go on 💯 but beside that 😂 my cash app name anyone just let me know I gotcha 😍😊💯

August 2018

😍🙌🏾💯👌🏾💰 .40 Cal get used to it 😊 #fvsu #fvsufootball

July 2018

🤤🤫😋 Always said I was gone change up #GoodMan

July 2018

😛🤤😏 I just want to be the best I can be 💯👀

June 2018

Even though we have our differences you will always be my Mother I love you soooo much and I can't wait till y'all come back so we can have a round or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 😂 on me but believe live it up have fun enjoy your bday save some for me Happy Birthday Nellie Maude Byrd sorry I couldn't make it but I promise I will make it up 💯💌💗❤💖💘

May 2018

Everyday is Mother's Day for these two right here 😘😍I give my last to everytime I love y'all dearly and forever 💕💞 y'all know how I'm coming about them 💯😀🙌

February 2018

I get it out the mud for these 2 here 💯 I go through what I go through to make sure they don't have too belive that we on soon 🙌💯 congrats Phew on your commitment to Lagrange grind mode 🙌🙌🙌🎉🎉💯💯 @saucey__ jay #GodSpeed #ForNellie #LowLife 🎈

September 2017

Happy Bday to me Jordan year #23 I couldn't ask for nothing more at this moment in my life I thank God everyday for everything he as brought forward to me and everything he has in store for me Wish me Happy Bday 😀😊😋💯

January 2017

Switch it up 👀😏

October 2016

Who i do it for? Well this right here is my mother Nellie Byrd she has been through thick and thin the last year year she knows how bad i want to just stay home and take care of her but God made a way every down every play every tear every smile is for her #ForNellie #GodSpeed #PathToTheDraft #LackOfWorries 🎈

September 2015

I promise you I love these boys I would go to war with anyone on my team we took a L last night 😣but I guarantee you that it won't be that bad ever again tune in it's about to be a show from now on every team we play gets the business mentally and physically 😠😬🏈🏈🏆🏆"Adversity doesn't improve character it reveals it" #FoodForThought #FORNELLIE #PathToTheDraft #PathToAtlanta #Famo #SWAC 🏆 #TheReturn #MVSUFOE

August 2015

Better know your boy coming back hard it's been a long time coming now I'm here so I have to do what I've been training for and that's go hard #PurposeDriven #FORNELLIE #PathToTheDraft #MVSUFOE #MVSU #GodSpeed 💯💯💯🏈🏈🏈🏆🏆🏆🏆

May 2015

#MyWeek 🚢 Jamaica

February 2015

#Grind #FORNELLIE #MVSUFootball #NightInTheLights 💯💯💰💰🏈🏈🏈🏆🏆

January 2015

#TbT best D-Line around legit we was owning O-Line every Friday night @7:30 still will #FAMO

December 2014

#TbT what I would give for one more game I miss those days

October 2014

Man I'm in tears 😭😭😭 I'll give my last for anyone of these boys in this picture I hate the fact I couldn't making Lil Bruh I truly do but don't worry I'll make up for it but enough of all that😃😃😃😊😊😊😊 I love y'all boys and congrats my boy graduated COLLEGE threw all that you have been through you actually did it now it's time to make that money @qwaypowell let's ride don't worry I'm right behind ya and I promise you when I do I'll have that contract in hand saying some millions on it we on our way 🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏 #Congrats #We made it

September 2014

Stop whatever you are doing and tell my Cousin / Bruda Happy Birthday he that Bigg 23 today I already know the TU is real throwback two for me I wish I could be there too so I could TU with you but you know I'm trying to get this money for all of us 2-3 yrs boy we going to be Splurging on whatever but I love you and I say that in the most homosexual way possible lol but HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOO @wildlife_teezy

August 2014

S/O to @wildlife_teezy @qwaypowell @_jumpman10 Man lord knows I give my last for these boys I'll give my life dog legit they been here since we was young Definition of Day 1 frfr we gone eat Bet That #LoyaltyMadeUsFamily #MVSU #RoadToTheDraft #GODSPEED

May 2014

#tbt 95 tackles at DE

January 2014

Last day in GA what's really good

December 2013


May 2013


May 2013

#Graduation #Ready