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new verse energy. thank u @guapdad4000 🙏🏾 “prada process” out now

1 weeks ago

so much fun**💚 4LUV

2 weeks ago

thank you @tmrwmag 🙏🏾 volume 32 out now

2 weeks ago

strategy meetings in Greece. the guys think it’s time i start working on album 3? 🤔

2 weeks ago

EALL was a transitional album. it was one that signified i was actually making changes in my life, changes that wouldn’t have been possible without the key people in my life. towards the end of that album, you got “seasons” & it serves as the song i wanna hear after a bad day, a good day, a hot summer day, it’s all-purpose. it makes me feel better, and hopefully it does the same for you. hope everyone is having a good summer, i miss you, and thanks @thegr8khalid for always holdin it down. seasons video out now. directed by @emiliebadenhorst link in bio 🌞

3 weeks ago

seasons ft. @thegr8khalid premieres tomorrow 12pm pt/3pm et. link in bio 🌞

3 weeks ago

summers calling 🌞

3 weeks ago

we came a long way 💆🏾‍♂️

4 weeks ago

i’m back in the studio...

last month

cancer season means i’m either in my bag or in my feelings ☀️

last month

featuring 6lack is a genre and we got it all on a playlist. available now. link in bio

June 2019

27 years old today. thanks for changing my life 💌♋️

May 2019

thank you guys for 1 BILLION streams on EALL. to celebrate i just want you to spin the album like its your first time. remember what you felt that first week of listening and take note of how you feel today. it was made to be a time stamp & measuring mark for the growth in my life, so hopefully it’s equally as important to you. it ain’t cold outside but i took this pic a while ago and weather don’t matter on IG anyway. 💌

May 2019

we’re black. we make music. and we’re very very proud of who/what we are. hard to find good people in this shit, but when you do it’s 4L 💌

April 2019

said i wasn’t going to coachella, yet here i am. in the desert. on one. again... and @tame__impala was sick last night 🖤💛 (whip brought to you by my good family @turo )

April 2019

RPG video out now. @kehlani link in bio 💌

April 2019

@jessiereyez ft. myself - imported 📦 out now 🙏🏾 link in bio

April 2019

nip blue for #dreamvillefest 💙

April 2019

real beyond words 💔💙🕊

March 2019

go billie 👻💌

March 2019

living out my purpose. reach one, teach one. a little bit of healing for a whole lot of change 💙🌐

March 2019


February 2019

because lyric videos are vital to society & otherwise you have a bunch of people singing strong and wrong 🍄🍫 #mushroomchocolate lyric video out now, with bits and pieces of my real life being shared with the world. to everyone on set that day, thanks for making it not feel like work at all. and to @thequincat thanks for helping me help you 💌

February 2019

@kehlani ft. myself- “RPG” out now. #WhileWeWait 💌

February 2019

for every song that i write, it’s a note to self, note to God, note to you. 📝 #RPG

February 2019

happy 2nd birthday my baby

February 2019

i often look at people in my industry, the ones who choose to stay behind the scenes, who don’t prefer or are afraid of the spotlight, and i can see why they chose that path. money changes people. money changes things. it solves the shit that we stress about on paper, but invites things we can’t solve with an auto-pay button. you gotta be 100 levels above “strong” to handle the VOLUME of shit sent your way once you open the door for the world to walk in, and the only thing that makes what we (not just entertainers, all humans ) go through worth it, is purpose. if you have a dream, a product, a person, an idea, and faith, then that’s what you use as fuel for your journey. being in the spotlight was never my personality, but i adapted to speak a bigger language. i’m not here because i want to be seen, but if being seen means i reach 100 instead of 10, then let’s get to work. random thoughts on a regular saturday. sending love to any peers that need it. whatever you’re worried about is already handled 🙏🏾

February 2019

still out here test driving daily 🙄💌 @turo

February 2019

we just dropped a valentine’s day playlist titled 2.14.19, for one of my favorite days of the year. hit the link in my IG story & comment any songs u think we should add 🧐💌

February 2019

waves 🌊 video out now, with the multi-talented @normani 💌 i know how much this video means to you, and being a part of it was an honor the second i heard it. you worked hard on it and it shows. y’all know what to do 🎥 🍿

February 2019

mushroom chocolate @thequincat ft. myself 🍄🍫 out now. link in 6io.

February 2019

tomorrow i get to share a song by my best, that i was honored to be apart of. being able to work with people you love & care about, is music’s greatest gift. so for this valentine’s week (because a day isn’t enough ), and for the rest of all life, you get to hear “mushroom chocolate” by @thequincat ft. myself. the biggest of loves. 🍄🍫💌 see you in a few

January 2019

currently juggling life & all it’s tasks to the Moana soundtrack 🌊

January 2019

performing live on kimmel tonight 💌

January 2019

love on ice video with my brudda @fatmankey out now. link in bio ❄️

December 2018

unfair (full version ) + been a while, out now. link in bio 💌

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