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💫🌟💫🌟💫🌟💫 New in The_Gallery_of_Magic 💫🌟💫 Congratulations and thank you for sharing this magic shot . . Featured artist @roeselienraimond 💫🌟💫 . Please check out the gallery of this great artist for some for more amazing shots and kindly show your support 💫🌟💫 . If you want to be featured: 🌟follow @The_Gallery_of_Magic 🌟tag your magical shots #the_gallery_of_magic Internet or stolen pictures are NOT accepted / Pictures will be checked through TinEye / Google Image Search before featuring . Photo selected by: @1954anya 💫🌟💫🌟💫🌟💫

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. . > Nou projecte! Rehabilitació d’un habitatge entre mitgeres al casc antic de Tarragona! . > Nuevo proyecto! Rehabilitación de una casa entre medianeras en el casco antiguo de Tarragona! . > New project! Refurbishment of a house in Tarragona’s old town! . > Arquitecte col·laborador: @lluisdeltancat #arquitectura #architecture #building #geometry #transformation #recycling #tarragona #catalunya #catalunya_arquitectura #axonometry #axonometria #weloveaxonometric #architecturaldrawing #architectureonpaper @architectureonpaper @the_best_new_architects @illustrarch @littleblackbox ny @archisource @axo_madness

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~ Floater ~ ⠀ I was happy to see how that last rays of the day found a small gap through the forest lining the banks on this secluded lake outside Stockholm. The rays lit up this tiny floating island, almost like it was orchistrated in this dark corner of the lake. This is exactly why I find reactionary and improvisonal nature photography so rewarding.

March 2019

Crystal clear 📸 unknown

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Any day spent in the forest is an amazing day, but spending time in between the giant redwood trees in Humboldt Redwoods State Park is exhilarating. Take a drive down the Avenue of Giants and you may be surprised by how many adventures are marked along the way. Tap the link in our bio to read more about this area in California.⁠ -⁠ 📸 @fourwheelednomad #everyoneoutside #theoutbound ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

June 2019

#allesandersplatz 💫

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Happy World Photography Day! Photo by @nigin_mohan Share your photos with us using #indianphotography #happyworldphotographyday #indianphotography #india #kerala #IncredibleIndia #indiapictures #instagram

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April 2019

bosch.capdeferro's workspace featured in the exhibition "Domestic Workspaces" by Silvia Garcia @sgcamps The opening will take place on Tuesday 30th of April at Galeria H2O @galeriah2o in Barcelona and the exhibition will remain on view until Friday 24th of May. . #boschcapdeferro #arquitectura #architecture #collage #exhibition #galeriah2o #barcelona

4 weeks ago

Quinn’s a good dog who wants to go boating but doesn’t really give a fuck about voting.

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Having a creative block can feel like being stuck in city traffic for way too long. At least that's how I felt a while ago. Now, I don't wanna jinx it... but I do believe it is over. Been working on some new things in the background. Not being active on social media doesn't equal doing nothing at all but I guess you all know that. What I've taken away from this phase: leave that Instagram bubble which dictates weird photography trends. Inspiration is great and important but when you scroll through IG and every third photo looks the exact same plus you get those creeping thoughts of "that's a fire spot, gotta go there too!" in order to create another super similar shot then something's very wrong. I recognized my mistake a bit late: when I came back from NYC in March with not a lot of photos I actually liked. And returning from my first visit to the States that disappointed was the reason for a great demotivation and sadness. Instagram is only partially to blame of course. In the end, it was my fault alone for following trends and losing my way. Even before I went to NY, I wasn't satisfied with my work anymore but was unable to pinpoint exactly what was wrong, what needed to change. Being there, I still couldn't figure it out and basically half-assed my photography (auto correct turned this into "half-naked" ). It was only after returning to Germany and taking time to think that I at least saw a direction in which I might want to go. But the trip was done and I couldn't just fly back because that would have been very expensive. Should have become an influencer after all, huh? So I had to suck it up. Accept that I failed that trip photographically. It was still an amazing experience. All that was left was to do new things. Create. And while I'm still a lazy boy sometimes, I found a way again. Maybe that'll lead nowhere but for now, I enjoy it. And because I fortunately stopped giving a damn about how a picture performs on this platform (lol ) I'll share a lot of that soon. Not now - as you see, this particular picture is nothing new. And there'll be some more rather conventional shots coming. But I'm on it. Love to everyone who sticks around!

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Summer in North Adams @touristswelcome #touristswelcome

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LA sunsets 🌇

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Edited and shot by @joshuaraichur

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Not a moment wasted here // #hasselblad500cm

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Summer Pastels⁠ ⁠ Mountain lakes, granite peaks, alpine flowers, pastel sunset. From an off-trail backpacking trip with my son in the Russian Wilderness of Northern California this summer.⁠ ⁠ Canon 5D4, 16-35mm at 16mm, 1.3 seconds, f/16, ISO 100.

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by @sangkyun_w ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Selected by @itchban ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tag #streetclassics & @street classics for a chance to be featured. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Team: @itchban @_davidsark


Hidden waterfall in Oberstdorf, Bavaria 🇩🇪 . Here we were exploring the Allgäu in Bavaria, Oberstdorf and the nearby spots some months ago in late February. @oberstdorf de #oberstdorf We took the local bus some miles northbound to Hinang which is a small village in the nearby valley. 🚞 From there you have to hike about 2 miles to the nearby waterfall. . Today, we’ve been exploring Königssee in Berchtesgaden NP- check out my stories for more impressions and informations. Have a great Monday my friends! 🙋🏻‍♂️ ———————————————————————— #deutschland #alpen #visitBAVARIA #Antennebayern #meinbayern #weROAMGermany #GermanRoamers #nikonDeutschland #nikond5300 #hinang #allgäueralpen #wasserfall #germanvision #longexposhots #longexposurephotography #berg #mountains #fotografie #landscapephotography #landschaftsfotografie #diewocheaufinstagram #ig_Deutschland @visitgermany @antennebayern @allgaeu de @germanroamers #DeinBayern @bayern #bayern #allgäu #germany #bavaria #alps

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Doesn’t get any better than this??? Stunning pool design and build from @liquidscapespools ! ✨ Thanks for helping grow the largest community of landscapers on Instagram! • • • #themodernlandscaper #landscapers #landscapedesign #landscaper #landscapedesign #design #render #rendering #landscaperendering #poolscape #landscapearchitecture #pooldesign #buildersofinsta #contractorsofinsta

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📷Beautiful Photo by: @kaka_photograph_ 👉🏼 Give this great artist a follow! 🙏 🌳 Support the Give Back to Nature project and help us reach our first goal of 1 million trees planted. 🌳♥️ Visit our website www.GiveBacktoNature.com and be part of the movement like many others. —/— #givebacktonature #giveback #nature #instanature #planttrees #love #canada #lovenature #bekind #trees #love #tree #planetearth

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Right on Time

6 days ago

I’m honored to be included in “On Death,” the upcoming book by @kgprojects and @humbleartsfoundation It features so many of my favorite photographers and their unique interpretations of death. Available for pre-order now, link in bio. #OnDeath #kgpbooks

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